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Dog Play Group

Playgroups will be a total of 60 minutes. 45 minutes will be burning energy and having fun and 15 minutes will be for transport to and from the playgroup. The dogs will be transported in our vehicles tethered to a seat belt for safety.

The playdates will be small, typically 3 to 4 dogs. The dogs will be assessed for size, energy, and play styles. Jennifer Chubb will be attending all-new playgroups along with anytime a new dog enters into a playgroup to ensure compatibility and safety.

Playgroups will be held in either our or our client's fenced-in yards. 

Rates are $30 for a playgroup with transport included.

Dogs must have the following in order to participate in playgroups:

  • Up to date vaccinations (Distemper, Rabies, and Bordetella)

  • Dogs must be on an active flea and tick preventative

  • Dogs must have a clean fecal exam within the past 30 days

Dog Play Group: Services
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