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Dog Training

Personalized Private Training and Behavior Modification in your home

Does your dog jump, nip, chew, pull on the leash, or bark uncontrollably? Are they fearful or reactive to strangers, children, or other dogs? Do they tear up the house the second you are out of the door? Are you having problems with potty or crate training?

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You Can Have The Dog You’ve Always Wanted!

I can teach you to understand each other’s language while building a lifetime bond of trust and respect. I utilize scientifically proven, reward-based, positive reinforcement training methods to build your relationship with your dog while teaching you both alternate behaviors to replace the inappropriate ones. I am certified with honors through Animal Behavior College and have many references available upon request.

Private Training sessions are 1 hour long and are held in your home or an outside space of your choice.  The first session is a consultation where I meet you and your dog and we review all of the training issues that you would like to address.  I develop a training plan and provide written materials for the skills that we will be working on. I then set up a training schedule and get to work!  

Training sessions can be purchased individually or in discounted packages of 4 or more. Packages are non refundable but never expire so you can use them as you need them.  This is particularly great for puppies, adolescent dogs or rescue dogs that may have habits develop as they mature or settle in to their new homes.

All training sessions include unlimited questions on anything that we have covered. 

Don’t wait another day to start down the road to having the dog you’ve always wanted!!!

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